Impact of citizen journalism

These videos came from ordinary sons, daughter, mothers, and fathers experiencing the devastating problems firsthand; they were in a sense documenting a historical moment. To challenge blogging, journalism organisations already begun to offer own blogs, create own social network accounts and so on.

In fact, most people today use Facebookblogs, and Twitter as their primary source of information and news.

Citizen journalism

Nevertheless, citizen journalism opens a huge opportunity in countries where mainstream media is restricted. The deeper vein of dissatisfaction was revealed by blogs, open letters, videos, and pictures published by citizen journalists.

Citizens are able to provide raw, real life material that can never be filtered. However, there is no obligation to citizen journalism to deliver professional and well-researched content.

The impact of citizen journalism: good or bad?

The audience knows a media reality, and not reality. They posted bits of information they knew themselves and aggregated it with links from elsewhere.

Especially during protests the role of citizen journalism becomes significant. Boris Thaser Flickr Mass communication is based on public opinion. Media expansion and the availability of media outputs have grown simultaneously as both the markets and technology have developed.

Both the markets and the technologies are growing steadily and at the same time, the availability of media services has grown. This is also improving by the phenomenon of citizen journalism. Online, they find a multiplicity of perspectives and a library of available knowledge that provides the context for stories.

The press industry had to make a lot of changes. Mobile phones today include the ability to share images, video and web content with just one click. The relationship between traditional media and citizen journalism is changing daily. Impulses are offered to citizen journalism mainly by the crises worldwide.

The changes in the media business lead to new economic pressures on journalism. Other content creation forms are gaining more and more popularity as well: The mainstream media organisations still set the overall media agenda.

Businesses know that citizen journalism has a lot of potentials and that this area is a growing and underdeveloped area. For citizen journalism to have a greater impact on traditional journalism and play an important role in the society, it needs to be organised, bound by rules and codes of ethics, and those who engage in it need to understand.

UKTV's general manager factual, Adrian Wills, says citizen journalists' footage and social media doesn't impact his programming but he concedes it is an increasingly important marketing tool.

"Natural history and science is, I think, a different beast completely from current affairs programmes. By NICOLE LYNN GREINERThe impact of citizen journalism Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Impact of citizen journalism/amateur producers on world of commercial broadcast content production: Citizen Journalism is one of the most important revolutions in media since the invention of the printing press in the ’s.

The rise of citizen journalism

It is also one of the most hotly contested phenomena within politics, economics, industry and of course, journalism. Citizen journalism should not be confused with Community journalism or Civic journalism, both of which are practiced by professional journalists; Collaborative journalism which is the practice of professional and non-professional journalists working together; and Social journalism that denotes a digital publication with a hybrid of professional and non.

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Impact of citizen journalism
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