Steve jobs character traits

However the qualities that make an excellent salesperson have little or nothing to do with the skills you need to manage and In the company, the programmers were not allowed to see the products.

The bosses want to reward them, so they promote them to manager. His dad, an auto mechanic, told Jobs at the time that it was important to make the back of the fence as beautiful as the front. He was Not Friendly with Media We cannot count on Steve Jobs while talking about amiable and down to earth personalities.

See below to read more about his leadership traits. But Steve Jobs was one of the greatest thinker of all time.

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Steve was a showman. Click on the photo to enlarge At the beginning of this analysis, we noticed that his chart is lacking Water and Metal element to bring more balance.

Persistence can be learned, passion can be developed and a vision can be acquired. There have been a lot of instances where he embarrassed people in interviews. He believed that our time is limited so we must have the courage to follow our heart and intuition and everything else is secondary.

It was indeed the first company to adopt USB. He even liked walking barefoot. Cooperations between Talents are vital for having a good chart flow.

Miscellaneous 3 Personality traits, Genes and you After analyzing Steve Jobs' life story, reading tens of articles about him and watching the movie "Jobs" i managed to find out the personality traits that helped him succeed in life and leave a great impact.

Working to develop team members by engaging them in how to further them and understand their own career paths, not the career path of the company. When Apple grew up as a company, Steve Jobs hired John Sculley and at the board meeting, he was kicked out of the company.


Somebody with the same chart, but born in the poor area, will have far fewer opportunities to exercise their ability to generate wealth. They are dreamers, they envision a better world of improved services and products. They are like walking billboards. If given enough time and resources to them, they will certainly achieve their desired goals.

He was absent from Apple for more than ten years, and he came back exactly when another lucky period kicked in, which involved Metal and Water, both his most needed elements. People with intense creative energy have very high expectations, first from themselves, but also from others.

Click on the photo to enlarge Eight out of ten Talents are present, and six of them are performing very well, which is more than enough.

Want to know more. Check out our case studies. That is why he was also known for great presentations and public messages. We all know what success Apple achieved and despite its success, the charitable or philanthropic programs were never made a part of Apple.

Steve wasn't an ordinary person, he had a rare combination of very special traits that helped him move forward in spite of the setbacks he faced. Jobs learned to admire simplicity when he was working the night shift at Atari as a college dropout.

He hardly cared for others. When a young Jobs asked his father why that was, since no one would know the difference anyway, his father replied, "But you will know. Most entrepreneurs I believe have inherit in themselves the same traits as Steve Jobs and it is those traits that many times lead to their successes.

Moreover, talking about the clarity in his goals and vision, he knew what he wanted. He wanted entire control over the user experience which he achieved by reducing his software to run on Apple products and gained full control over user experience in hardware and software.

Woz said it would take months, but Jobs stared at him and insisted he could do it in four days.


Here's what he's learned. When a young Jobs asked his father why that was, since no one would know the difference anyway, his father replied, "But you will know. He believed that Everything Happens for a Reason Everything that you study or learn in life would contribute in one way or the way in your success in future.

He hardly listened to what others used to say and not every time he was right in his beliefs. Exceptional Influence One of the things that Steve Jobs was able to do very well was to create a beyond reality field, both in positive and negative ways for him.

Here's what he said: In the yearhe entered a year period of active Wood and Water. After analyzing and abstracting the basic leadership traits and leadership behavior of steve jobs, let’s take a further step in exploring the application of steve jobs’ leadership character in hospitality industry and find out how the current management methods in hospitality industry can be improved.

11 Personality Traits of Steve Jobs

View this talent analysis example of Steve Jobs. You'll learn everything our analysis can tell you about your unique personality.

7 Traits That Made Steve Jobs Successful

Steve Jobs has an incredible story, and I'm a fan. Now go out and write your own story of success. Another thing he always said, which was wildly encouraging, was, "Anyone can succeed. When it comes to Steve Jobs, there's the "Good Steve," and then, there's the "Bad Steve," says biographer Walter Isaacson.

His mammoth personality could inspire those around him just as easily as. 5 leadership traits of steve jobs How hard do you think your life would be right now if you never experienced the iPhone or the iPad? Have you ever wondered where we would be NOW if we hadn’t experienced products such as the Pixar, iTunes, MacBook or the APP store?

I’ve been seeing many of the interviews of Steve Jobs’ biographer, talking about Steve and his unique behaviors.

Most entrepreneurs I believe have inherit in themselves the same traits as.

Steve jobs character traits
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